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Jana Berson

Jana Berson 76AB96 Age: 30 yrs Cr20,000
Human/Female, 3 terms Merchants/Free Trader
Carouse-0, Streetwise-0, Vacc Suit-1, Astrogation-0, Pilot(spacecraft)-1, Broker-2, Persuade-1, Admin-0, Electronics-1, Engineering-0

Jana is a tall, shapely human female (188 cm/55 kg) with auburn hair and blue eyes. Her choice in clothing tends to be functional, but she is stunning when she decides to dress up, something she usually does only when trying to impress a client.

She was raised in a family of Free Traders and inherited the Solar Envoy upon the death of her father five years ago. She has served three terms in the Merchant service as a Free Trader and is still working. Her mother still owns a share of the ship, but is happily enjoying retirement on Glisten. Jana has leveraged her parents’ connections to establish herself along the Florian Route.

Her extended family owns and operates ships from the Spinward Marches to the Alsan Hierate and back. Most are well-established subsidized merchants who comfortably trade along the same route year after year. Some are more adventurous and as they operate Free Traders to smaller markets and more remote planets.

As captain and major shareholder of the Solar Envoy, Jana’s immediate motivation is acquiring the cash she needs to keep the ship operating as an independent ship. Longer-term, she wants to expand her family’s business and dreams of commanding a fleet of traders. She uses what diplomacy she has as she works toward her goal.

Jana grew up on a ship traveling from world to world. The friends she made were among the people she met on the docks and in the hostels of trading ports. They weren’t always in the good graces of the law, but they remember their friends and who owes them a favor.