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Twiggy McClellum

Twiggy is the middle aged owner of a periodicals shop that also serves snacks at the local starport. Customers come into Twiggy's Burrow to pick up the latest installments from the Traveller News Service, buy entertainments like books or magazines for those long trips in jump space, and for the idle conversation of others while having a soft drink. His establishment is not a bar (it doesn't serve alcohol or other known intoxicants), but more closely resembles a Solomani "coffee shop" in atmosphere.

Twiggy's Burrow is a small business venture, but it is Twiggy McClellum's kingdom with him as sole monarch. Twiggy has wanted to travel off world, but he has been afraid of the dangers involved and instead stayed at the starport onworld. He has vicariously traveled and lived through the periodicals he sells and considers himself to be an expert on everything, even though his actual experience is very limited. This inflated ego tends to manifest itself in public by his inability to not offer his opinion, on anything. Often the information he gives is wrong, but his self-assured manner and charismatic nature tend to convince the inexperienced while those who have been around see right through him. If challenged about the veracity of his statements, he will stubbornly insist that he is correct (usually in complete disregard to the facts that contradict him). Twiggy also has the habit of flirting with any attractive humans who enter his shop, male or female (he is bisexual). Miraculously, with all of his personal faults, Twiggy manages to stay in business and even make a tidy profit - although this is more through luck than sound business practice.

Should a PC lose their temper and threaten or attack Twiggy, he will first act very amiable and apologetically back down from the confrontation. As soon as the PCs leave his shop, he will contact the starport police and claim that the PCs have robbed his shop - thus having the authorities duped into getting Twiggy's revenge on the PCs instead of endangering himself. While Twiggy is a cowardly pacifist, he is also vindictive.

Due to his nature, Twiggy McClellum is an excellent source of false rumors and misinformation along with the rare false robbery charge when the PCs tire of his abrasive personality.


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