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Najillianne Kidgergadim

Najillianne Kidgergadim is an attractive and overweight vilani woman of late middle-age who also happens to be the local character of the starport. Najillianne Kidgergadim is a self-styled artist without any artistic talent, but she is convinced of her own greatness. Her delusion is accompanied by jealousy and a bad temper, which often leads to interesting situations for those who pay any attention to her. She feels that the reason why she has not gotten the recognition she deserves isn't because her artwork is bad, but because the art galleries are exclusionary or that the critics don't understand what real art is or that the world she is on is too much of a backwater or the art sponsors are prejudiced against vilani or a thousand other excuses - and she will happily give her opinion to anyone willing to listen.

The players will first encounter Najillianne at the open bazaar of the local starport hawking her artwork to prospective buyers as they pass by her table. The artwork is a group of collage with some sculpted pieces as well, all poorly done and overpriced. The nature of the PCs initial interaction with Najillianne will determine what manner of nuisance she becomes.

If the players are civil to her or show any kind of positive reaction to her poorly done artwork, such as buying a piece or two, then she will assume the player who acted thusly has fallen in love with her and she will reciprocate. Najillianne will then follow the PC whenever she can, stalking him. She will do anything to win the PCs affections, short of inflicting physical injury on another or committing a criminal act more severe than a misdemeanor. Now this will include some incredibly juvenile stunts such as sending the PC naked holos of herself or having a crying fit on the hood of the player's air/raft. Nothing short of threats of physical violence will stop Najillianne's amorous behavior. She will demonstrate an imperviousness to logic or rationality if merely told that the PC is not interested in romance, Najillianne will merely think that the PC is shy and keeps on trying to date him. If, however, the PC rejects her advances and threatens violence in any way, then she will become an equally persistent and irrational enemy of the PC (Hell having absolutely no fury like a crazy woman scorned, and all that).

If the players on first encounter are scornful of Najillianne's artwork or show any kind of negative reaction to her or her artwork, then she will assume that the PC who acted in that manner is now her worst enemy. Najillianne will do anything short of inflicting physical violence or committing a criminal act more severe than a misdemeanor against the PC who has hurt her feelings. She will go out of her way to make that PC's life Hell, primarily through spreading nasty rumors about the player characters, verbally harassing them in public, and even posting false accusations on the local starport computer message boards.

Najillianne is best used as both comic relief and as an unexpected obstacle to any regular encounter. Have her instigate a bar fight (she can claim that the PC "took liberties" with her when they walked past) or disrupt a cargo deal (either the buyer/seller gets cold feet from a rumor that Najillianne spread or she barges into a business deal in progress claiming that the PC was supposed to be going out on a date with her).


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