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Hauthor Renn

Hauthor Renn, M.D.: Human Professional 3/Academic 7; TL 8; Init +1 (+1 Dex); AC 14 (+3 mesh, +1 Dex); AR 3; Spd 9m (6sq); St/Lb 32/10; Atk +2 ranged (autopistol 1d10); SV Fort +2, Ref +6, Will +10; SZ M; Str 8, Dex 13, Con 9, Int 17, Wis 17, Cha 10, Edu 16, Soc 14.

Skills: Decipher Script +10, Driving +13, Gather Information +7, Intuit Direction +3, K/Biology +15, K/Chemistry +15, K/Homeworld +3, K/Pharmacology +15, K/Subsector +15, Liasion+9, P/Administration +15, Spot +15, Survival +12, T/Computer +15, T/Medical +15, Use Alien Device +10.

Feats: Academic Lecture, Advanced Knowledge(T/Medical), Armor Proficiency (Light), Carousing, Medical Specialization (Xeno-medicine), Mental Discipline, Professional Specialty (T/Medical), Pseudo-Eidetic Memory, Research/Biochemistry, Research/Xeno-Medicine, Skill Focus(T/Medical), Surgery, Trustworthy, Vessel/Wheeled, Xeno-Empathy, Xeno-Medicine.

Equipment: autopistol (w/ extra magazine and box of 50 10mm rounds), binoculars, combination mask, field medical kit, hand computer, inertial locator, magnetic compass, medical drug (10 doses), medical slow drug (5 doses), mesh armor, mid passage voucher, personal communicator, personal medikit, tent, vac suit, wrist watch, Cr10,100, Pension Cr6000/year.

Homeworld: Starport B, Desert world, Mid-level technology (TL 8).

XP: 48,000

Hauthor grew up on a desert world, enjoying spending his free time exploring the dunes and badlands of the region. His love of nature blossomed into a curiosity in biology, which as he grew older began to focus on the medical field. When he turned eighteen, he won a local scholarship to a renowned medical university on the subsector capital one jump away.

Hauthor worked his way through college as an emergency medical technician, but he felt strongly drawn to the exciting field of xeno-medicine, as the wide variety of lifeforms on other planets captivated his interests. He graduated with honors at the age of 22 with a Bachelor’s in Medicine.

When his application to the advanced medical program was denied due to full classes, Hauthor took a position with a subsector hospital ship, spending a number of years in bringing medical services to the outworlds of the subsector. When he wasn’t working, he enjoyed occasionally camping and exploring the surfaces of the worlds they visited. But the young medico primarily poured himself into a course of personal study, in preparation for the advanced medical program he hoped to attend.

One term with Subsector General stretched into two, and Hauthor participated in a new program designed to train its attendees onboard the hospital ships. As part of the initial class under this program, Hauthor excelled. He earned his licensure as a doctor and surgeon, and the papers he wrote on xeno-medical fieldwork earned him the Science Academy award.

After eight years of work with Subsector General, he returned to the university, joining a research team to further his xeno-medical pursuits. The work he’d done over the course of the project earned him and his team the Zhunastu Prize, as well as the attention of certain IISS administrators. At the age of 34, Hauthor was invited to join a classified project working with the IISS to investigate the remains of an Ancient site believed to be of a medical nature. Over the course of four years, Hauthor helped the IISS decipher a few of the mysteries of the artifacts, as they uncovered certain bizarre functions of various implements. When the research project was moved out of the sector, Hauthor decided to remain close to home. The university provided him with a position as an instructor of xeno-medicine, and Hauthor settled down for a few years of service, until he retired at the age of 42.

Bored, Hauthor now seeks a less structured, more personal approach to exploring Charted Space and the strange life that abounds within it. He is relatively unobtrusive, a bookish, scholarly man with a fine bedside manner and a surprising depth of knowledge that he purposefully understates. Since his retirement, he has worked as a medical officer for a number of private starships, seeking a place that he can call home as he travels the spacelanes looking for new and interesting lifeforms. At every system with a Scout base, however, he does take the time to report his position, similar to a Scout on detached duty, in the event that another exciting opportunity to research Ancient artifacts presents itself.