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(Baronet) Ulysses Perceval Smythe

Human male apparently in his late 40s or early 50s.

Slight of build, tallish and an elegant dresser, he's a thief but not your garden variety thug, no indeed. An occasional gentleman thief is the best way to describe him, indeed he has worked as a discrete social assistant/personal buyer for various nobles, often those recently come to their rank, and even as a society walker on occasion. He is said to be a remittance man paid through a trust by wealthy relatives elsewhere under the condition that he confine himself to the Spinward Marches. If so it is apparently just enough to "get by". Unfailingly polite he has impeccable taste and manners, an endearing charm and tells quite humorous stories about the rich, powerful and famous. He does, on occasion, appear to be fond of slight of hand and card tricks. Oddly he travels with a small cat sized pet.

Described as distinguished, this scion of a down at the heels branch of a very noble family tree grew up on the fringes of money and power. Courtesy of rich relatives, he had the best of educational opportunities but generally made poor use of them majoring, as it were, in cards and good times. It was during this period that it is suspected that he made his psionic contacts and gained his schooling. Be that as it may he is in the Spinwards now.

Regarding psionics, among other more "normal" talents he seems to have the ability make small objects, lying at rest and in plain sight, teleport relatively short distances, such as into his pocket. Typically the objects are the size of jewelry, betting tokens, and keys, but it is not know what his upper mass limit is. Occasionally this teleportation has appeared to have included the direct substitution of one object for another. As the phenomenon seems to occur when his "pet" is present the creature may have something to do with his powers then again perhaps not.

Regarding his pet, it is reclusive when not with Smythe and will hide. It appears to have the ability to fool a direct observer, within a couple of meters or so of it, into thinking that it is some innocuous object such as boot, a small bag, a cushion or a pile clothing. If cornered and threatened it will scream, bite, and claw with an effect on the recipient that has been compared unfavorably to putting one's hand in a food processor.

Baronet Smythe received TAS membership as a "gift" from his relatives indeed it is through the Society that his trust fund payments come. He tours TAS hostels on many different worlds in the Spinwards. He might be encountered in a starliner's lounge, a café, a resort, a restaurant, a hotel, a casino or an exclusive shop. If the PCs control, own or serve as crew on a star ship he may seek passage on their vessel for himself and his pet. He has all the correct papers for his pet and it is quite well behaved. He even has a special cage for it that doubles as a rescue ball. He appears to be moderately wealthy, quite high class, with an accent to match. If encountered travelling alone he does so with a moderate amount of luggage and no companions. If encountered travelling with an employer he will be part of that noble's retinue and will function as his personal assistant.