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Akhal Sakum

Human male apparently in his mid to early 30s

He looks like an artist in search of his muse. He wears the right togs and has the patter down pat. He is best known for working in what is know in the trade as traditional primitive medium. He has an eye for detail and he can paint but the starving artist gig is just not for him. He first started forging by creating "aboriginal" art; masks, totems that sort of thing for the retro gallery trade. That is still his stock in trade. You name the planet or culture in the Spinward Marches and he can come up with the "primitive" to match it. He has a working knowledge of the art, culture and religions of virtually all the inhabited or formerly inhabited systems in the Spinward Marches. He makes steady money turning out fake Droyne coin sets. What is generally not known is that he is a wiz with one-off computer generated forgeries as well.

His origins are straightforward, he studied at the Art Institute of Regina. Graduated with BA in Art, had little prospects and continued his studies with a Master's in Art History. Then he drifted. Trading on his university contacts he was the personal companion of a succession of well-placed nobles. He thus gained intro to more lucrative markets for his creations. He then split his time between "collecting trips" during which he actually cranked out fakes and gallery promotions. He has recently gotten ambitious and started forging fake "ancients" artifacts. Big mistake, now somebody wants him. Who and why is not clear, all he knows is that if they find him his chances of a happy outcome appear to be minimal at best.

He might be encountered in a bar or in a park doing sketches. If the PCs control, own or serve as crew on a star ship he may seek working passage either as a steward or at the computer. His papers are very good as are his references; they should be, as he forged them himself. He has a substantial amount of luggage.

Why is he being pursued? It might be an unhappy customer who has discovered that he has been swindled. It might be an irate husband, brother or father. It might be a collector after his source of "ancient" artifacts. It might just be galloping paranoia on his part, as perhaps not all the ancient "artifacts" he has are fakes.