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Dain Thrangar

This article originally appeared in Issue #002 of the downloadable PDF magazine.

Dain is a human male of clear Solomani heritage, about 1.8m tall, and 80kg. He has brown hair and hazel eyes, and is in general average looking, always wearing tinted eye glasses, usually dressed in green T-shirt, green cargo pants and brand-name tennis shoes.

He is very curious, always dependable, works well with others, and takes pride in his achievements. Occasionally, he will experience periods of melancholy over being rejected by childhood friend.

Dain was born in 1071, at the local general hospital on Inthe. He grew up in a very middle class Imperial family. His father, Aakhen Ariiren Thrangar, was a Merchant serving with Oberlindes Lines, and was often away from home. His mother, Alethea Annette Maris-Thrangar, was an artist, and concentrates on making decorative ceramics. Being an only child, and with his parents being busy a great deal of the time, Dain turned to television, spending several hours a day watching the local programming.

One day, while watching a documentary on Terran music, Dain heard the unmistakable sound of the King. He became a Elvis Pressly fanatic, wanting to know everything there was to know about the great one. When Dain reached the age of 12, he went to visit the Graceland Temple of St. Elvis on Inthe (the temple being an offshoot of the Orange Catholic Church and the Society of Humaniti, pledged to “spread the works of the TRUE ST. ELVIS”. Dain was ridiculed by his friends who, as he would put it, “just don’t understand the ways of the King.”

His devotion to St. Elvis was causing trouble with his school grades. Eventually, his parents intervened, saying that there would be no more studying of this “Elvis person” until he improved his studies. This Dain did with abandon, becoming a honor society member at his local high school. His parents encouraged his efforts, with his father eventually scrapping up enough money to by a Naasirka model 128 hand computer for his birthday. Dain eventually received an academic scholarship to a prestigious prep school on Regina, where he went to complete his pre-collegiate education in 1087.

While on Regina, he pursued Gamm Khaasira, a very cute looking blonde high school friend from Inthe. She did not return his affection, however, preferring instead to be “just friends”. Dain was crushed, and spent half a year recovering from her rejection. He vowed at the time never to love another. While he would later date other women, he still has melancholy memories of Gamm.

In 1088, Dain received admission papers to attend the University of Regina. He accepted enrollment and began his academic career in the fall semester of that year. In his sophomore year, he first met Dr. Kylor Dukagen, who was an instructor in a basic astronomy class that Dain was taking. They become good friends, often having discussions of the early days of Solomani space travel. Dain spent most of his time in the study carrels of the University Library. He avoided joining the college fraternities, preferring instead to be a GDI (Gosh Darn Independant). He did, however, join the University of Regina chapter of the Phi Alpha Theta historical honor society, principle to gain contacts with people who studied the early space faring period of Terra, and to learn more about St. Elvis of Earth. In 1092, Dain graduates with honors from the University of Regina, obtaining a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science.

Dain decided to join the Imperial Interstellar Scout Service because he wanted to follow in the exploits of the ancient Terran astronauts. His academic performance helped him obtain the rank of Administrative Trainee, after he completed Operations Office Initial Training on Hefry (SM1909). He was then sent to serve in the Imperial Scout Fleet. In 1094, Dain received Flight Wings after completing pilot training at the Regina Scout Base for a exploratory mission into the neutral zone, which required supervision by the Operations Office. He completed this mission successfully, and was promoted to the rank of Junior Administrator. He also received a General Services Medal for his contribution to the Scout Service. While operating out of the Regina Scout Base, he met Mrs. Sirtie Agamolin, a SPA clerk working at Regina Down port. Sirtie knows all the local star port gossip, and has an almost eidetic knowledge of ships schedules and arrival/departure times. This friendship assisted Dain in his efforts to keep track of ships in the Scout Fleet.

In 1095, Dain was sent again on a mission requiring supervision by the Operations Office, this time involving a Interdiction Probe to the Djinni system. The probe focused on system geography and orbital mechanics, with a particular emphasis on rogue asteroids and the systems Oort cloud. Dain thought it was odd that Djinni itself and most of the worlds in the inner system were not part of the probe study. He dismissed the unusual nature of the probe, and concentrated on his duties. After a year of activity in the out system, Dains ship was relieved by a Scout ship who had apparently arrived to conduct a survey of Djinni itself. The two ships met and docked, and the crews gave themselves a liberty between missions. It was during this period that Dain met Farquhar McPhar, who had come to Djinni to work in the charting mission.

In 1097, Dain was able to transfer to the Base Branch of the Operations Office, and return home to Inthe. Working at the Scout Way Station on Inthe, his achievements at the Inthe Scout Headquarters Unit won him a promotion to Administrator. He also received two medals, the Defense Meritorious Service Medal and the Imperial Organizational Excellence Award.

Dain received the Imperial Organizational Excellence Award for a second time the following year, continuing his excellent achievements for the Scout Service.

The Scout Service was so impressed with Dains performance that they transferred him to the Education Branch of the Technical Office in 1101, so that he would pass on his abilities to new scout recruits. Dains new training unit received the Outstanding Unit Award that year. In addition, he achieved some fame after winning third place in a martial arts competition, something unheard of in a competition dominated by local army troopers. Dain claimed he just got lucky. In 1103, Dain was promoted to Group Administrator and placed in command of the Inthe Scout Base. His work as Base Commander helped him receive the Imperial Service Medal. He also received a third Imperial Organizational Excellence Award.

1104 proved to be a bad year for Group Administrator Thrangar. The trouble began innocuously enough. Dain was tasked by his superiors to find ways to cut costs in the Scout Base budget. Dain instituted a low bidder policy for the purchase of supplies and materials, regardless of their manufacturer. This is how Dain discovered a young Milo Mills, self-described “Master Merchant,” who was offering dynamic link panels for star ship computers at ridiculously low prices. The panels, it turns out, were of Vargr “manufacture”. Some were actually made in the extents under lax workmanship standards; others had been “acquired” by the Vargr through their raiding, repackaged as new, and sold on the market.

Naturally, when these panels were put into scout ships at the In the Base, problems developed. While no casualties occurred, the problems were of a serious enough nature to cost the Scout Service several million credits. It was decided by the Scout Service Bureaucracy that Dain should be mustered out, but should be allowed to keep his rank and other privileges, due to his exemplary career prior to these unfortunate incidents. Dain left the Scout Service in late 1104, determined to regain his reputation, and explore the universe.

Dain’s immediate goals are to acquire weaponry for the Shinarrow Vulcan, to gain either level 2 navigational proficiency or Sensor Operations-1 proficiency, thus qualifying him for rated tickets in Pilot and Navigator, to acquire programming for the Shinarrow Vulcan’s computer, and to acquire wealth.

In the long term, Dain would like to get back in the good graces of the Scout Service. He also wants to see more of the universe.

PC’s that are without a star ship and are in need of one can turn to Dain for assistance. Dain is especially interested in prospecting and would look favorably on having a Belter aboard.

No more than 6 PC’s can be aboard the Shinarrow Vulcan; Dain demands privacy and will not tolerate having anyone in his stateroom. In addition, Dain only has life-support aboard for four individuals, so the PC’s will have to contribute if they have more than 3 to go aboard.

Dain is very pro Imperial, so he will take a dim view of anyone suspecting of anti-Imperial attitudes.

Character Profile

Classic Traveller and MegaTraveller

Dain Aakhen Thrangar 8888C6 Age 34 4 terms
Scout Group Administrator; Cr1151 (pension Cr0)
Experience 20, Determination 16
Honors Graduate, University of Regina
Homeworld: Inthe/Spinw’d March 2410 B-575776-9
Hits 4/5, Cloth Armor (AV 5)
Skills: Pilot-1, Admin-1, Brawling-1, Navigation-1, Leader-1, Submachinegun-1, Ship Tactics-1, Carousing-1, Vacc Suit-1, Engineering-1, Computer-1, Electronics-1, Air/Raft-1, Wheeled Vehicle-0
Possessions: 9mm SMG, use of Type S Shinarrow Vulcan (dual turret: Beam laser, missile rack; ground defense turret: 6-barrel 20mm autocannon)
Contacts: (Academic) Dr. Kylor Dukagen (usually reliable, quite available); (Scout) Farquhar McPhar (somewhat reliable, available fairly often); (Trader) Milo Mills (somewhat reliable, available fairly often); (Government) SPA Clerk Sirtie Agamolin (usually reliable, available fairly often)
NPC Morale: 3 (has not received any ground combat training)
PC Morale: per Striker, has high initiative. Will retreat if the Scout ship is seriously threatened, otherwise will fight it out.

Traveller: The New Era

Dain Aakhen Thrangar 7777B6-0-6 Age 34
4 terms, Scout Group Administrator,
Skills: Pilot (interface/grav)-3, Admin/Legal-2, Martial Arts (unarmed)-2, Astrogation-2, Leader-2, Slug Weapon (rifle)-2, Ship Tactics-2, Carousing-2, Environmental Suit-2, Ship’s Engineering-2, Computer-2, Electronics-2, Vehicle (wheeled)-0
Possessions: 9mm SMG, use of Type S Shinarrow Vulcan (dual turret: Beam laser, missile rack; ground defense turret: 6-barrel 20mm autocannon)
Contacts: (Academic) Dr. Kylor Dukagen (usually reliable, quite available); (Scout) Farquhar McPhar (somewhat reliable, available fairly often); (Trader) Milo Mills (somewhat reliable, available fairly often); (Government) SPA Clerk Sirtie Agamolin (usually reliable, available fairly often)
Initiative: 3; Weight: 80kg; Load: 42kg; Throw: 28m; Unarmed combat damage: 1
Hit Capacity: Head 14; Chest 42; All Others 28

Marc Miller’s Traveller

Dain Aakhen Thrangar 8888C6 Age 34
4 terms, Scout Group Administrator; Cr1151 (pension Cr0)
Homeworld: Alekvadin/Core 0811 B-675977-A Ind Hi 702 M3V
Skills: Pilot-1, Admin-1, Brawling-1, Navigation-1, Leader-1, Submachinegun-1, Recon-1, Carousing-1, Vacc Suit-1, Engineering-1, Computer-1, Electronics-1, Air/Raft-1, Ground Craft-0, Jack-of-all-Trades-1, Perception-2, Writing-2, Research-2
Possessions: 9mm SMG, use of Type S Shinarrow Vulcan (dual turret: Beam laser, missile rack; ground defense turret: 6-barrel 20mm autocannon)
Contacts: (Academic) Dr. Kylor Dukagen (usually reliable, quite available); (Scout) Farquhar McPhar (somewhat reliable, available fairly often); (Trader) Milo Mills (somewhat reliable, available fairly often); (Government) SPA Clerk Sirtie Agamolin (usually reliable, available fairly often)

In the Milieu 0 setting, Dain’s college attendance was on Sylea, and the special mission was a recon mission to Imaar Pa.

GURPS Traveller

Dain Aakhen Thrangar [140]
Str 11 [10], Dex 11 [10], HT 11 [10], IQ 12 [20]
IISS Ship Patron [28], Claim to Hospitality (former scouts) [10], Courtesy Rank O4 (Group Administrator) [4], Academic Contact: Dr Kylor Dukagen (usually reliable, quite available) [16], Scout Contact Farquhar McPhar (somewhat reliable, available fairly often) [2], Trader Contact Milo Mills (somewhat reliable, available fairly often) [2], Government Contact SPA Clerk Sirtie Agamolin (usually reliable, available fairly often) [2], High education (University of Regina) [5], temporary money (Cr1151) [18]
Code of Honor (Scouts) [-5], Duty (reactivation, to Scouts) [-5], Sense of Duty (to Imperium) [-10], Bad eyesight (correctable) [-10], Curiosity [-5]
Quirks ([-1] each): Proud, Responsive, HavaCola addict, Worships St. Elvis, Avid gamer (note 0-point gaming-8 skill below)
Skills: Pilot (large spacecraft)-12 [4], Administration-12 [2], Astrogation-12 [2], Leadership-12 [2], Tactics (Space combat)-12 [4], Carousing-11 [2], Shipmaster-12 [2], Vacc Suit-12 [2], Engineering (Starship)-12 [4], Electronic Ops-12 [2], Pilot (CG Craft)-12 [4], Computer Ops-12 [1], Brawling-12 [2], Driving (stock car)-10 [1], Submachinegun-12[0.5], Area Knowledge (Inthe)-12 [1], Area Knowledge (Regina)-12 [1], Area Knowledge (Inthe Scout Base)-12 [1], Area Knowledge (University of Regina)-12 [1], Area Knowledge (Djinni Outsystem)-12 [0.5], Area Knowledge (Galaxy)-12 [4], Gaming-8 [0]
Licenses, Ratings, and Certifications: Pilot License, Driving License, CG Pilot License, Electronic Ops License, Ship’s Master 5th Class Unrated.
The Pilot License does not confer a Pilot Rating.

Central Casting: Heroes for Tomorrow

Dain Aakhen Thrangar, Human (solomani) male
Future Mod: 14 (Imperial Future History)
Tech Mod: 11 (First Stellar Age [Traveller TL9])
Education Points: 39 (Outstanding Education)
Culture Mod: 10 (Dynamic)
Social Status: Comfortable
Sol Mod: 4
100% Literacy
Birth Mod: 0 (No noble title, legitmate birth, 2 parents, only child, born in hospital, Frontier world)
Father: Aakhen Ariiren Thrangar, retired Merchant, owns fast-food restaurant,
Mother: Alethea Annette Maris-Thrangar, artist specializing in decorative ceramics
Skills: Literacy-7, Wilderness Survival-2, Rural Survival-2, Urban Survival-2, Skiing-4, Adventurer-2, Explorer-2, Spacecraft Pilot-2, Administrator-2, Spacer-2
Personality Traits: Light Side 4 (Organized, Respectful, Dependable, Wise); Neutral 1 (Curious); Dark Side 1 (Caffeine Addict [HavaCola])

The Shinarrow Vulcan

The IISS Shinarrow Vulcan (S-17704) is a typical Type S (Suleiman-class) Scout/Courier. Its single turret carries a 250MW beam laser and a 150mm missile launcher/autoloader (1 missile loaded, 2 in turret magazine). The avionics hatch has been replaced by a ground defense turret carrying a six-barrel 20mm hypervelocity autocannon with electric action, TL9 direct fire control, and autoloader. There are typically 640 rounds of KEAP ammunition on board.

The following equipment item bundles may be found aboard the ship:

Space side EVA equipment kit: 1 TL10 Vaccsuit, w/25km helmet radio, magnetic grips, 5 suit patches, Suit liner, 6.2kg; 1 TL10 Radiation Card; 1 TL10 Wristwatch; 1 TL8 Backpack 3kg; 1 TL9 Cold Light Lantern .25kg

Dirt side EVA equipment kit: 1 TL6 Cloth Armor 2kg; 1 TL10 Combination Mask .5kg; 1 TL7 Light Intensifier Goggles; 1 TL8 Short Range Communicator .1kg; 1 TL10 Radiation Card; 1 TL10 Wristwatch; 1 TL8 Backpack 3kg; 1 TL9 Cold Light Lantern .25kg

The ship is equipped as follows:

Rear Section [Lounge]:

1 Prospecting Beacon 1kg, 1 Ore Sampler 25kg, 4 vaccsuit umbilicals 10m 20kg total, 2 Hand Propulsion Units 4kg total, 1 Backpack Propulsion Unit 5kg

Ships Locker:

3 9mm Submachineguns 7.5kg total, 30 30-round 9mm magazines 15kg total, 4 Hostile Environment Kits 100kg, 4 Space side EVA equipment kits 37.8kg, 3 Dirt side EVA equipment kits 17.55kg, 2 Inertial Locators 2.5kg, 1 Laser Drill w/tripod 10kg and 1 power pack 8kg


Electronic Tool Kit 5kg, Metal Work Tool Kit 50kg, Mechanical Tool Set 20kg,`20 Wall Patches 80kg total

If the PCs are aboard the Shinarrow Vulcan, they’ll see the following:

Common Area:

1 Framed movie poster, depicting a heroic Imperial Agent battling two vile Ine Givar rebels with an energy pike.

Assorted food stuffs, including spicy nacho chips and Zilian chardonnay salsa.

Life support and supplies for 14-four person days.

1 Medical Kit 10kg

Commanders Stateroom:

1 Dirt side EVA equipment kit 5.85kg in closet

1 9mm Submachine gun 2.5kg in closet

10 thirty round magazines 5kg in closet

1 TL7 rescue ball 5kg

1 TL9 chrome flat vid screen

1 TL9 blue and chrome audio entertainment system

1 TL9 chrome lava lamp with blue stuff on the inside

1 Iridium framed black velvet portrait of the King

In the ships safe: 2 bracelets, one inscribed with W.W.E.D. "What would Elvis Do?" and the other inscribed with T.C.B. "Taking Care of Business"

Stateroom Two:

1 Framed picture showing a dew claw duel between two Aslan nobleman.

1 TL7 rescue ball 5kg

Stateroom Three:

1 Framed picture showing a Kian and its jockey winning a race.

1 TL7 rescue ball 5kg

Stateroom Four:

1 Framed portrait, a heroic depiction, showing Arbellatra on the bridge of her command ship, kneeling in prayer before battle.

1 TL7 rescue ball 5kg


2 Strawberry air fresheners (one still in package)

Assorted navigational maps

2 jump one navigational cartridges