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Helene Owendo

Helene Owendo, 688889, 3.5 term merchant (broker) R3 [Mongoose Traveller character]
Broker-2, Pistol-1, Vac Suit-1, Comm-1, Carouse-1, Streetwise-1, Investigate-1, Trade: Hydroponics-1, Admin-1, Persuasion-1, Biology-1, Drive-0, Flyers-0, Steward-0, Computer-0
TAS, Pistol, 40000 Cr

Contacts: 1 Navy, 1 Drifter, Ally (Merchant, Cecil al-Hasan), Enemy (Smugglers)

Helene stands 5'6", weighs 135 pounds and typically wears some variation of a business suit. Her skin is light brown and her eyes are hazel. She is direct, although generally polite; the only thing that she will not tolerate is someone who sniffles or coughs constantly.

Helene is a broker who had to flee her previous world when a corporate war destroyed the brokerage she worked for; after jumping several parsecs to avoid (non-existent) pursuit, she settled on her current world and began setting up a new brokerage. She is currently freelancing, and, as when she worked for her previous employer, is known for helping out smaller traders; she does make sure that her good friend, Cecil al-Hasan, gets what business she can give when he is in-system. She's fairly experienced, having had several promotions in her old brokerage, which asked her to relocate to a new office on a new planet when it expanded.

Several years ago, before her move, a ring of smugglers within a rival corporation approached her and attempted to persuade her to help them join their ring and smuggle in a shipment of highly addictive, very illegal drugs on-planet; she refused, and reported them to the authorities. Two of them were caught, arrested and imprisoned, although the rest of them escaped and vowed revenge.

Revenge would take time, however, and five years of good fortune led her to forget her enemies—until one of the smugglers, who had risen to a supervisory position within his corporation, managed to create a trade war with Helene's old company. This war lasted several months, and resulted in the bankruptcy of Helene's company.

Helene is now trying to rebuild, working with al-Hasan and several tramp freighters, but is always looking out for new contacts within the spacer community, which means that she is always ready to make a deal with a spacer who seems down on his luck or in need of a contact on a world.