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Mary-Jo van Marik

If you were to meet Mary Jo van Marik under most circumstances, you would think that she was a remarkably pleasant person, especially for someone in the cutthroat world of a noble court. From her unlined face, to her long raven black hair, to her unimposing height (she is at the low end of an average woman's height) to her pleasant demeanor, you would think her survival is based on luck and/or just being in the right place at the right time.

And you would be fooled like the vast majority of the universe.

Mary Jo loves power, in any form she can get it. From the political and social power of being a noble to the more personal (and perverse) power of a sadist over her victim, Mary Jo will do ANYTHING to increase her power.

She has always been like this. Even in school where she used her looks and brains to manipulate others to do what she wanted. To her first assignment after school (Where she seduced a fellow Moot member, set it up to look like he and seduced and abandoned her, and worked the following scandal to force him into effective exile, all the while showing the "injured innocent" face to the world.

Her victims are spread over a wide area. The exiled noble was not her only victim during her time in the Moot. Her various dealings over the family holdings, while in truth advancing the overall family strength also brought down several enemies, rivals, or simply people who annoyed her.

Mary Jo can easily be used as the mastermind behind a groups problems, such as when they buy up the last cargo she wanted for some purpose, or sold said cargo to someone she didn't want to receive to goods. The biggest problem is her reputation makes it almost impossible to expose her. Chances are the party will be accused of trying to harm an "innocent"

T20 Stats

STR=10 (+0), DEX=14 (+2), CON=14 (+2), INT=20 (+5), WIS=16 (+3), CHA=18 (+4), EDU=13 (+1), SOC=18 (+4)

Age = 42 (looks younger via very good plastic surgery), Stamina = 49, Lifeblood = 14

Base Attack +4

Saves: Fort Save +2, Reflex Save +3, Will Save +9

Levels: Noble (8)/Traveller (1)

Homeworld (High2 roll =5: Na,In,HiPop,Va)

Skills Assets (include statistic mods)
Liaison +6, P/Administration +13, T/Computer +9, Pilot +9, Bluff +13, Bribery +14, Gather Information +15, Disguise +9, Innuendo +10, Intimidate +9, K/Interstellar Law +5, K/Home Worlds Law +5, E/Acting +16, Leader +7, Sense Motive +9, K/"Hobby" +8, Navigation +5, Driving +4, Gunnery +5, Trader +5, Listen +5, Spot +5
Vessel (Grav Vehicles, Starships, Wheeled-Ground Cars), Armor Proficiency (Vacc Suit. Light, Medium), Zero-G/Low Gravity Adaptation, Connections (Underworld, Nobility), Weapons Proficiency (Marksman, Swordsman), Trust Fund, Iron Will, Hacker, Fast talk, Alertness
NOTES: Connections as shown gives +2 to rolls for Gather Information from the indicated groups. Hacker as shown gives +2 for rolls against T/Computer or T/Communications for the purpose of bypassing security only.

Benefits/Mustering out

Cr120,000 immediately available;
4000/year pension (represents investments); Weapon (GM's choice); High Passage x2; Ship (GM's choice)

Prior History

Noble - Moot
Noble - Family Business
Noble - Grand Tour
Noble - Government Post
Noble - Family Business
Traveller - Corporate Trouble Shooters (Corporations Family has large holdings in)