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Bari Z. Turokan

7669C9 Age 48 Cr10,000 Army Chaplain/Intelligence Courier
Combat Rifleman - 1, Grav Vehicle - 1, Mechanical -1, Vacc Suit -1, Vice -1, Admin - 1, Leader - 1

Home Defense Medal
Army Service Medal
Army Achievement Medal
Army Good Conduct Medal (4 times)
Expert Infantry Badge
Letter of Commendation (2 times)
Fleet Reserve Good Conduct Medal
Armed Forces Reserve Medal
Army Commendation Medal
Mobilization Pin
Humane Service Medal
Humanitarian Aid Medal
Usual possessions at encounter:
Wrist comm/watch
Pocket comb
Fingernail file
Wallet containing Cr200 and pictures of loved ones
Worn Terran KJV Bible

Turokan is a person who stands out in many a crowd. His blue eyes look out upon the world from under a crown of brown hair that tops a fair-skinned and fit 1.93m.

He volunteered for Army service on his homeworld when he was 18, under the college program. He was assigned as an Infantry Gun Carrier driver. He served completely in non-combat roles, but was an expert in every weapon he trained on. He placed first in his unit during his 3rd year in weapons fire which earned him his Army Achievement Medal.

Throughout his adult life he has been desirous of only one thing, - becoming an Ordained minister. During his Army days he even had hopes of returning to the Army as a chaplain, thus earning the nickname of 'Chappy'.

Having met the minimum 1-term requirement to receive college aide, Chappy enrolled in Bible college, graduating above average in his class at age 26, but missing graduating with honors. He did, however, love sports, and trained extremely hard in weight lifting and track and field, both of which resulted in a marked improvement in his general physical well-being.

After graduation and a couple of years in internship Chappy was honored with Ordination, and began ministry. First as an associate pastor, and later as Head pastor of a well-to-do church.

Six years after beginning his ministry,  Chappy returned to the Army Reserves as a chaplain. This special military category offers an automatic commission, and rank of O-3 Captain. Chappy felt right at home back in the service, and enjoyed himself immensely until border scrimmages in the Imperium called all reservists to active duty four years later.

Chappy found himself attached to a newly formed 8th Heavy Interstellar Infantry Division under the command of a Gen. Solomon Z. Turokan (no relation). After the General began attending Chappy's services, Chappy was assigned as the General's personal Chaplain.

Four years after being mobilized, Chappy was contacted by Solomani Intelligence, and offered a secret position of courier between them and the Imperial Naval Intelligence (I.N.I.), and given an alternate identity with "The Church of St. Yekashterina on Chernozem!" With some private brush up work, Chappy accepted the offer.

Taking advantage of the frequent and anonymous movements of people through a startown soup kitchen, Chappy used his ministry as a cover for his courier activities, and arranged many 'meets' at the soup kitchen.

Only once did a 'meet' fail to come off as planned; a brawl in a nearby bar spread, and Chappy was knocked unconscious while trying to stop it. The papers that he was supposed to deliver were stolen; Chappy believes that he was 'blown', as the MPs did nothing to stop the brawl, and his possessions other than the papers were intact when he regained consciousness.

Chappy is now 48 years old and serving the Chaplaincy and Solomani Intelligence faithfully.