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 Khadija Rekyaveer

Khadija Rekyaveer is a PC from my Banners Sector campaign. Designed using the rules from TNE she should be useable anywhere with only minor tweakings. Stats already include homeworld modifiers.

Khadija Rekyaveer was born on Alston in 5683 AD graduating high school in 5700 AD. Always interested in the past Khadija enrolled at the prestigious University of Alston, completing her BSc in Archeology and Anthropology in 5712 AD before proceeding to post graduate work. Publishing a number of papers she obtained a phD in 5712 AD.

In 5710 AD the Alston League Scout Service was formed, and shortly after receiving her phD Khadija signed up in 5713 AD looking to put her talents to use for Alston.

Khadija spent the remainder of 5713 AD in training before being assigned to a vessel (ALS Venture) in 5714 Ad which was sent on a mission into the Virian Belt system. Here Khadija helped save several members of the ships crew while under fire from "corsairs" in the course of this action Khadija was wounded. For her heroism she was awarded the Wounded Star and commissioned.

5715AD was spent recovering from her wound, writing papers, and otherwise carrying on a normal routine. But in 5716 AD Khadija was back in the field, again on the Venture, this time on a contact mission with the planet Dennison. The mission did not go well for the Alston League ship, Dennison being a balkanised world. Khadija discovering that at least one nation on Dennison was receiving aid from Alstons biggest rival, the Delsun Czarate. After hiding for some time amongst the underworld of Dennison Khadija was able to get this information back to the ship, which departed back to Alston space immediately. For her performance Khadija was promoted to sublieutenant.

Khadija is now excited, as a result of her past performances and her knowledge of the past, she has been assigned to the new exploratory frigate ALS Gannon which will leave on its first mission in 5717 AD

Khadija Rekyaveer  	Age: 33  	Human  
Homeworld:  		Alston  	A766A47-B  

Str  5  		Term 1  	Undergraduate University  
Agl  7     				Academic Contact  
Con  5  		Term 2  	Graduate University  
Int  7   				Government Contact  
Edu  11  		Term 3  	Graduate University  
Chr  8     				Academic Contact  
Psi  ?  		Term 4  	Scout Service  
Soc  6     				Military Contact  
Initiative  2     			Commissioned, Promoted  
UCD  1     				Special Adventure  
Hit Capacity  	10 Head 	+3 Ship DM Scout  
   		30 Chest        
   		20 Other        
Mass  57 kg        
Load  30 kg        
Throw Range  20 m    

Strength  				Education  
Slug Weapons (Pistol)-1  		Communications-1  
Agility  				Excavation-1  
Ground Vehicle (Wheeled)-1  		Geology-1  
Intrusion-1  				History-4  
Pilot (interface/Grav)-1  		Map-1  
Stealth-2  				Medical (Trauma Aid)-1  
   					RCV Operations-1  
Constitution  				Starship Architecture-1  
Environment Suit-1     
High-G Environment-1  			Charisma  
Zero-G Environment-1  			Disguise-2  
   					Language (Russian)-2  
Intelligence  				Language (Japanese)-1  
Interview-1  				Language (Aslan)-1  
Observation-1  				Leadership-2  

Total Ship DMs +3 Scout/Courier 
30,000 Credits