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Mary Webster

This character is profiled for both the MegaTraveller and Traveller: The New Era character generation systems. Information that applies only to the Traveller: The New Era profile is highlighted like this.

(Major) Mary Webster
9B9EC9 Age 46 (*20) 7 Terms Army (Solomani)
8A8ECB Age 50 (*20) Appearance D

Banner of Terra, Distinguished Service Medal with Bar, Military Medal with 3 bars, Combat Command Ribbon (9), Combat Ribbon (15)

* Since the age of 20, Mary has been on anagathic therapy.


Computer-4, Intrusion-2, Battle Axe-1, Battledress-1, Bribery-2, Leader-2, Combat Rifleman-1, Pistol-1, Laser Weapons-2, Streetwise-2, Recon-1, Energy Weapons-3, Grav Belt-1, Stealth-1, Forgery-2

Unarmed Combat-6, Environment suit-5, Armed martial arts (club)-4, Parachute 2, Slug Rifle-6, Swimming-2, Slug Pistol-4, Zero-G-Envrionment-3, Energy Rifle-8, Psychology 2, Energy Pistol-4, Tracking-4, Grenade Launcher-2, Ground Tactics-6, Forgery-8, Observation-4, Grav Belt-3, Investigation-2, Intrusion-5, Willpower-4, Pilot (Interface/Grav)-1, Admin/Legal-1, Stealth-5, Biology-1, Act/Bluff-3, Computer-10, Bribery-4, Electronics-2, Carousing-2, Genetics-1, Disguise-4, Gunnery-1, Interrogation-2, Medical-3, Leadership-6, Ships Engineering-1, Starship Architecture-1


Mary is a tall blonde woman with attractive Nordic features and piercing blue eyes. Coming from an asteroid colony she is used to living in a controlled environment and tends to dress in flimsy but comfortable garments and decorative body paints and temporary tattoos. Early in her SolSec career she took a hit from a RAM Grenade on her battledress which destroyed her right hand; she sports a cybernetic replacement due to a combination of being busy and problems with transplant rejection caused by her continuing anagathic therapy.


Born in an asteroid colony in the Skathe system, from an early age Mary always knew she wanted to be a soldier. She wanted to see the planets. At the age of 18 she attended the New Sandhurst Military Academy on Skathe. Graduating with honors, she was most disappointed to be assigned to the signals regiment serving as an ELINT Officer. Fortunately, by volunteering for the Parachute Training School, she was able to transfer to the Second Parachute (drop assault) Battalion. She took to the active role of the Paras with great gusto and was rapidly promoted to Captain. After attending the long-range recon school, she took command of D Company (the reconnaissance battalion) during a campaign against Aslan raiders along the border. She was decorated with the Military Medal for her leadership in a boarding action against an Aslan cruiser, where she led the team which secured the bridge. The next year, she again won the Military Medal for recovering wounded troopers under fire.

The defining point of her career was in her 3rd term. After attending the company command qualification course, she returned to the battalion to take command of A Company in time for an assault on the world of Skandia, which had been sponsoring piracy against local shipping. Her company was to be the spearhead element of the assault on the starport. Accompanying her company on the drop was noted war correspondent Darran Long - fortunately, as events would transpire. As the Brigade was making its drop, a previously unexpected Meson gun opened fire and the drop was aborted after the leading elements had already dropped. Three companies of Second Parachute Battalion and a company of Third Parachute Battalion had landed at the starport with Mary as the senior company commander. In fierce fighting the troops secured the starport, but it rapidly became apparent that the troops would soon be overwhelmed unless reinforcements could be landed, as local mechanized infantry units were assembling for assault. The Brigade commander refused to risk a reinforcement drop until the defenses were neutralized. Mary led a section on a raid against the Space defense HQ securing it long enough to download the data on the location of the Meson gun and transmit it to the fleet. Returning injured to the starport, she lead the defense against a mechanized counterattack by local TL-11 troops, breaking it up with the last of the Tac missiles and fusion gun fire. Fortunately, before another assault could take place, reinforcements landed at the port. Long rapidly submitted a report, which made Mary a media hero, the Victor of Skandia. She was awarded the Banner of Terra on the recommendation of the Task Force Commander. Her future career looked assured .

However, she was furious that her command had suffered 50% dead with almost everyone else - including herself - wounded, and she believed it was due to the cowardice of her brigade commander: If he had not aborted the drop run, many more troops would have made it down to the ground. After being released from the hospital she went into the command post and in a violent argument with the brigade commander shot him. She was promptly arrested; if the media reports had not already been broadcast she would undoubtedly have been cashiered. Instead, the incident was covered up. However, she was never promoted again. On Skandia, where the government was trying to raise the morale of the people following a disaster (which had smashed the shipyards and devastated the economy), a film was made of the victory of Skandia with a famed actress playing Captain Webster. The story showed a typical Hollywood regard for the facts, and to this day she is still not certain that a court martial might not have been better.

She was subsequently transferred to the SAS, where her poor attitude to superior officers could be made to vanish, and for the next twelve years she continued her career, winning several more medals and being injured on several occasions. In early 1116 she was transferred to a SolSec covert operations unit and placed on the reserve list bringing an honoree promotion to major.

After her career as a Sol Sec agent involving operations against a number of imperial targets and a Rogue Solomani bioweapons project, the modified Yacht her team was using misjumped. She was not found until the New Era period where the Yacht was salvaged by RCES teams. She rapidly ended up commanding the ground troops of an independent space viking.


Mary is an aggressive and fun loving person. Adrenaline is what she lives for she cannot conceive of anything other than a life as a combat soldier. In her off-duty time she enjoys a variety of high risk sports. The one exception to her normal love of an active and strenuous life is that she finds a deep fascination with computers. Since her mid-twenties she has been taking anagathics; this is because she has always feared becoming old and unable to take the risks she loves, and losing her looks.

She is not remarkably suited for espionage work and has trouble working out why she was assigned to such a duty. She tends to treat all missions as slightly subtle commando missions.

While a proud patriot and a pure blooded Solomani she is not particularly bothered about the Solomani party and would frankly be just as happy as an imperial army officer or even a mercenary, provided that she felt she was working as an 'honorable' soldier.

Off duty she spends a lot of time , drinking and night clubbing unless she has enough time off duty to do something exciting.