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Terrel Lance

Terrel Lance BBD9B9 200 Terms Imperial Marine (LTCOL) Birth date 227-300 (Apparent age 25)
MCUF-6, MCG-6, SEH-2 Cr300k

Skills: Leader-4, Tactics-3, Streetwise-2, Instruction-2, Recruiting-1, Battledress-1, Combat Rifleman-1, ZeroG combat-1, Computer-1, Demolition-0, Energy Weapons-0, Heavy Weapons-0

Homeworld: Mora/Spinward Marches [3124] Codes: Port: A, Size: Large, Atmosphere: Dense, Hydrographics: Wet, Population: Mod, Law: High, Tech Level: Average Stellar

Terrel, an orphan with a small ranch near Katy's on Mora (changed to Katherine in 770) and a large mortgage, entered Imperial service on his eighteenth birthday and was soon embroiled in the Vargr campaigns which were raging at the time. He was awarded his first MCG during a raid on a Vargr corsairs base in his first year of service. After several more years he was selected for OCS then served as Aide for General Ishhilli during which time he attended command college. Shortly afterward with taxes on his ranch climbing he volunteered for the frozen watch program and directed his pay to maintain his ranch. Terrel would receive full pay while remaining in hibernation until needed then return to his low berth to await action. As part of the package participants received anti-aging treatments.

As the centuries passed Terrel was engaged in numerous small actions when awakened. He was awarded a purple heart, another MCG and four MCUF's for his actions on boarding parties and a police action on St. George/Vland. He attended intelligence school and shortly afterward was tapped to teach it. After finishing his tour of instruction he again entered the frozen watch program engaging in only one action before being ordered to commando school. He was awarded another purple heart, two MCUF's, three MCG's in various actions and during the Solomani Rim War, the Starburst for Extreme Heroism at the Second Battle of Zhimway, and a second at the Battle of Terra.

After the Solomani Rim War he was wounded twice, the second time being so bad that he was sent to command a training center during his recuperation. He served several more terms in the frozen watch program before being again tapped to command a training facility. After serving another three terms in the frozen watch he was again posted to command a school. He served several more terms as frozen watch prior to being sent on a recruiting tour then on to command college for refresher training. He served several more terms collecting another purple heart and a MCUF.

Terrel had risen steadily through the ranks over the centuries and fought in nearly every theater of conflict but in 1060 Naval policies changed to preclude anyone over the rank of Lt Col from serving in the frozen watch program. He decided to retire and made his way from Gateway to the Spinward Marches where to his horror he found that the world he remembered was unrecognizable and worse his ranch had been swallowed by the estate of Baroness Anna ib-Delphine due to a processing error which had kept his taxes from being paid. His appeals to Duchess Delphine fell on deaf ears and the Ministry of Justice ruled that Baroness Anna was within her rights to keep the land as his military records only listed it as his home of record and he possessed no other record of ownership. With his funds he is able to afford anti-aging drugs which the IN had previously provided.

He has spent his time since returning to Mora trying to attract support from Archduke Norris for an appeal to the Emperor. He can be found at Mora Highport or Wavecrest City attempting to make contact with influential persons.