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Judith Shreipm

This article originally appeared in Issue #000 of the downloadable PDF magazine.

In the original appearance of this article in the PDF downloads, this article is credited to Dan Roseberry. The credit to Alan Spik that appears here is actually correct; we regret and apologize for the error.

Baroness Lady Judith Shreipm, Knight of Deneb, Knight of the Imperium, Capt. IN(ret)
Imperial Navy Technical
Stats- 9BCFFB-B Cr 300,000 Age 41(31) Terms 5
Member, Travellers’Aid Society
Medals: PH x 2, MCUF x 1, SEH x 1
Possessions: Hand comp, Radio Communicator (FrOb), Laser pistol w/2 pwr packs, Softsuit w/PLSSA, Pencil and notepad,
Skills: Mathematics-5, Ship Tactics-3, Fleet Tactics-3, Navigation-3, Leader-2, Computer-2, Tactics-1, Pilot-1, Gambling-1, Vacc Suit-1, Admin-1, Commo-1, Small Water Craft-0, Combat Rifleman-0, Equestrian-0, Laser pistol-0

220cm, 90.6kg, Racial Solomani Negroid. Very dark skinned with plain features, wiry, heavily scarred on her torso, short black hair with a streak of white covering an old scar. Boisterous and aggressive. She is extremely loyal to her friends and the Imperium. She takes her Knighthood seriously and will often interject herself into matters of import. She is not at all shy about telling her social betters what she perceives their duties to be.

Judith likes to tell people she was born on a Generation ship. Technically she is telling the truth; Kaityl city in the Glisten belt has been on the move since it was established. As a Glistenite she has an inborn hatred of psionics and would not believe or admit to her own talents, a mind shield which appears as normal thoughts for the situation if probed with ESP and the ability to “spot” other psi's to a range of 100m. This talent caused the Kaityl city branch of Glistens Psionics Institute much trouble. From the time her talents manifested in her teens until she joined the navy she exposed dozens of psionically endowed individuals. In addition to these talents Judith can add the brilliant mathematical mind which won her admission to the Naval Academy.

At the Academy Judith concentrated on academic pursuits. She received a secret Intelligence commendation in her senior year when she exposed a Zho sleeper that attempted to infiltrate as a colonial student to the academy.

For Meritorious Conduct under Fire. On 021-1102 Lt. Judith Shreipm, Commanding the INS Swiftgait CE-20784, encountered two Zhodani scouts refueling at Corfu/Aramis/SM. Immediately attacking the high guard, she shattered its tanks with concentrated fire from every battery, taking damage to her own power plant in the short exchange. Leaving the hulk in her wake she bore down on the second vessel, scoring on it. Taking heavy damage from the enemy’s return fire, she opened the range while continuing to pour missile and laser fire into it. Eventually the two ships were too damaged to fight or maneuver and coasted out of the gravity well. When it was discovered that some of the emergency low berths in the ship’s boat had been damaged, the mortally wounded Shreipm refused evacuation to leave space for a wounded shipmate who was more likely to survive. She was last seen comforting another dying mate. Her actions were in accordance with the highest traditions of the Naval Service.

Further training after graduation prepared her for the command of the close escort Swiftgait patrolling the coreward edge of the Aramis subsector. In 1102 she encountered two Zhodani scouts refueling in the interdicted system of Corfu, leading to a (presumed) posthumous medal and knighthood in the order of Deneb.

Judith and two shipmates were actually rescued by a third Zhodani scout. They were later exchanged to a group of Vargr to be ransomed back to the Imperial Navy. Her hatred of the Zhodani and psionics in general grew even greater in this period.

Following this, she was given command of a training facility at Jewell, where she advanced to Lt. Commander. She was then offered command of of the Type 1014 frigate Deadly Missive. As the junior captain in a flotilla of three ships, Judith participated in strikes against Vargr Corsairs in Gvurrdon Sector near the Zhodani border in 1107. As her flotilla returned to Imperial borders it was gathered up by a Task Group commerce raiding through Jewell and Chronor subsectors in the early days of the Fifth Frontier War. After a string of minor successes the Task Group was preparing to attack the Zhodani world of Asta when it was attacked itself, leading to her SEH.

Following the Armistice of 1110 Judith was repatriated and again received a training command. Ironically she was then ordered to command the MCUF-class frigate Judith Shreipm FF-11033 , mistakenly named posthumously for her after the battle at Corfu. After a year of recriminations between BuPers and BuShips, and public outcry after plans to rename the vessel were announced, she was transferred to the City-class frigate City of Assinobia.

For Extreme Heroism. On 366-1107 LtCmdr Judith Shreipm, Commanding the INS Deadly Missive FF-19908, attached to TF-100-2, entered battle with a numerically superior enemy force at Atsa/Chronor/SM. Taking damage early in the battle, which knocked out the ship’s power and fire control, the Deadly Missive drifted as the battle raged about her. Shreipm and her crew worked feverishly to restore power, occasionally suffering additional damage. By the time power was restored, Deadly Missive's offensive batteries had been destroyed and she was in the thick of the Zhodani fleet. Realizing that her ship was lost, she ordered the crew to abandon. Making sure her crew were as safe as possible, she drove Deadly Missive at best acceleration at a nearby enemy destroyer. Hurtling clear at the last moment she suffered painful wounds and radiation burns when the Zhodani destroyer was disintegrated by the impact. Adrift in the middle of the enemy fleet she refused to quit fighting and contacted fleetnet over her suit communicator offering advice and information and taunting the enemy in their native tongue, until a Zhodani frigate picked her up. She was heard fighting her captors until she was taken aboard the ship which jumped prior to the Imperial victory. Her fearlessness in the face of certain destruction inspired all who heard her. Her valor and professionalism materially aided in the victory at Asta. Her actions were in accordance with the highest traditions of the Naval Service and bring Glory upon herself and the Naval Service.

The Judith Shreipm retained the name after quiet behind the scenes lobbying of the admiralty by the ship’s former commanders and her crew, who consider the ship’s name lucky. The ship has a less-than-stellar reputation with the admiralty due to the hard-partying nature of its crew, yet it privately has many supporters of high rank. The Judith Shriepm has received eight unit citations, with her crew being awarded 3 SEH's, 22 MCG's and 57 MCUF's. Two SEH-class cruisers were given the names of the two posthumous awardees. Since finding out their patron was alive the ship’s color scheme has been kept battle black at all times except in yard tests. Whenever she encounters her namesake a wild party is thrown by the ships crew in her honor.

Judith continued to patrol Lunion until she was awarded command of the destroyer Marquis of Bendor attached to the 100th fleet. When she retired from Naval service she began travelling on the Glisten to Regina circuit giving lectures at Naval symposiums. She received a Barony on the Honors List the year after she retired. She travels simply as J. Shreipm.

As a retired Naval Officer Judith has bridge privileges on Imperial-flagged merchants. Although normally the Navy is disliked by merchant crews, Judith has won the hearts of many, with her easy going manner and willingness to lend a hand. Not to mention the fact that she has saved several merchants with her skills. It also caused Tukera lines to sponsor her in the TAS after a still-classified encounter with pirates while traveling from Rhylonor to Glisten on a fast liner. She has had access to anagathics since she was 31.