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Swamp Colony

Whilst visiting a backwater world where fetid swamps are the dominant landscape the PCs are invited to go out swamp bashing in a swamp boat. The local pastime it seems is to drink two litres of a foul moonshine then attempt to navigate the course in the fastest time. The PCs are invited to cruise for a ride with locals or indeed offered a boat of their own to compete in.

Possible directions to take this adventure:

  1. The PCs encounter a crocodile like monster named a Xreigla. The Xreigla reproduce by laying eggs inside another creature, using tentacles to lock on to the PC and inject them. The locals have built up a resistance to the parasite but the PCs do not have such a benefit. While infected by an 'egg' the PC's body chemistry changes making it easier to develop and retain muscle tone. Their Str is effectively one higher. Unfortunately the eggs grow within the PC, absorbing nutrients etc until they are about the size of a melon - then erupt forth from the PC causing significant damage. It takes D6+1/2 D3 weeks for the egg to mature.
  2. The PCs encounter what looks like a ruined star cruiser in the swamp that had recently been lifted back to the surface after a deep set gas bubble erupted. Research in the ship's database reveals it as a long missing treasury ship from the long night. Rumoured to be carrying precious metals that served as the value standard for a rich local world. The ship had robotic security...
  3. The swamp colony town is raided by corsairs while the PCs are out in the boat. As they return they are pursed by pirates manning open topped air rafts. The PCs have to lose themselves in the swamp and pray their own spacecraft has not been menaced.
  4. Psionically aware PCs pick up a disturbance in the psi force as they speed around the swamp, centering on leeches in the swamp. Turns out they generate psionic energy. After experimentation they discover that applying psi-leeches to their brain stem results in a boost of D6 psi str points. Trouble is prolonged use leads to unfortunate side effects (GMs choice)
  5. There is a selective invitation only race consists of several boats going at once, competing for the prize. Prize is 50k credits. Half way through the PCs discover that its weapons free and no holds barred. The locals having forgotten to "tell them".
  6. As 2 but it's a typical type S scout. It's largely undamaged. Research discovers that it was privately owned by a local company and it went missing. The insurance company refused to pay out so the title is still with the company. The company effectively ceased trading some years before but is still considered a legal entity, owned by a little old swamp woman whose regarded as a tad crazy. She was the widow of the owner - who disappeared along with the ship. Perhaps she will sell? Who knows, but others might likewise try and cut a deal...