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This article was originally a featured article in the January 2013 issue.

The referee will need the Jump Destination article on Lush to run this adventure, as it has the encounter information and map.

With an entire planet at their disposal, SuSAG management is wondering what other treasure Lush may yield. The PCs are hired to conduct a survey. The party should include the following skills: Drive(Track), Mechanic, Sensors, Survival, Life Sciences(Biology), Space Sciences(Planetology). If the PCs lack the science skills, SuSAG will assign the scientists profiled at the end of this article to the team.

SuSAG will provide the party with sufficient tracked vehicles for their use, rigged with GPS monitors so that SuSAG security can monitor the PCs location. Tampering with the device will result in fighters being sent to locate the PCs with SuSAG security teams in G/Carriers following up. There will also be regular supply runs via one of SuSAG’s launches. They will be dropped initially on one of the continents to begin their survey. Upon successfully completing that continent, the PCs will be paid Cr 3000/month and may be offered another contract for another continent.

Double travel times for the party to reflect the fact that they must spend time stationary taking sensor readings, as well as dismounted to collect samples. This also means imposing twice as many rolls for possible events (use the events in the Jump Destination article on Lush in this issue).

Whether the PCs discover anything of value will be left to the referee. The main point of this adventure is to explore Lush and ultimately deal with the issue of the Little Men.

If any of the PCs, or Dr. Amr, makes it clear that they intend to report the Little Men to the IISS, and do not relent in the face of SuSAG inducements to the contrary, the Company will attempt to prevent them by any means possible from reporting to the IISS. They may also initiate a full-scale effort to exterminate the Little Men before an IISS interdiction can be imposed.

It’s also possible that the PCs may form an alliance with a renegade party or two as well, eventually leading to a revolt.

SuSAG Staff NPC Scientists

Dr. Asa Amr 697AA9
3 terms Scholar/Field Researcher, rank 1
Comms 0 Computer 0, Diplomat 0, Medic 0, Investigate 2, Life Sciences(Biology) 2, Survival 1, Sensors, social Science(Sophontology) 1
Cloth(TL 10), Comm(TL 10), Hand Computer(TL 11).

Asa is as comfortable in the wilds as she is in the laboratory, perhaps more so. If confronted with the Little Men, Asa will recognize them as emerging sophonts and insist that the IISS be notified. This will not go over well with her SuSAG superiors. So long as they are not held hostage, Asa will support not reporting renegades.

Dr. Lanzo Pant 6779B9
4 terms Scholar/Scientist, rank 2
Sensors 1, Diplomat 0, Medic 0, Space Science(Planetology) 2, Comms 0, Investigate 0, Physical Science(Chemistry) 2, Engineer(Electronic) 1, Computer 1
Cloth(TL 10), Comm(TL 10), Hand Computer(TL 11)

Lanzo prefers the Lab, where all of the variables can be controlled. He believes that science, and scientists, should remain neutral regarding any moral issues arising out of their research. He will not have strong feelings one way or the other on the Little Men issue unless subjecting Lush to IISS interdiction will threaten some other discovery he makes during the survey. As a loyal company man, Lanzo will insist upon reporting the location of any lost Company property (renegades).