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Overland Express

The players have been hired by a new trucking company which is seeking a lucrative government contract. The contract will be awarded based on which company can deliver a particular package in the shortest time, but without any damage to the package, which is fitted with sensors to detect if it is roughly handled. The delivery point is located on the far side of a relatively unimproved area (think 'race across the Australian outback'). Large section of the terrain to be covered are unmonitored and reputed to hide bandits, anti-government indigenes and a host of other hazards. The PC are limited to small arms.

Possible directions to take this adventure:

  1. All is as it appears. The race will rely on mechanical skill to repair any problems, and any encounters should be rolled up on the random encounter table.
  2. The rival delivery company has dispatch a number of it's own 'trouble shooters' to ensure that their team wins. They will attempt to keep the PCs from winning/completing the race.
  3. A rumor is circulating that the cargo is actually high value bearer bonds. This will undoubtedly attract the attention of the aforementioned desperadoes.
  4. A local terrorist group has replaced the benign cargo with a bomb meant for one of the officials that is meeting the package at the finish line.