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The Gun

A small band of Mercs come across a crashed and deserted Imperial Marine Transport ship. They search it, find a lot of skeletons, and a single crate that's pretty much intact in the cargo hold. Upon examination, it's one of:

  1. FGMP-15 with plenty of spare power packs
  2. an Air/Raft with a mounted Fusion Gun
  3. two FGMP-15's
  4. a FGMP-15 - but it's broken. Electronics:2 can scrounge parts and repair
  5. the crate is marked "SPARES", but there are enough spare parts to assemble a complete working PMFG-15...with the right skill

A working heavy weapon would greatly raise the Team's status as a Merc Outfit. This could be a 'reward' after the Team has gone up against an outfit with a Heavy Weapon (so they can appreciate the damage these beasties can do).

And perhaps a few eyebrows in high places will be raised when the authorities realise that an unlicensed Heavy Weapon seems to have fallen into a Merc Team's hands...