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This adventure seed was the winning entry in an informal JTAS Adventure Seed contest, and is used with permission.

While visiting Roup the party are caught up in a food riot near technician territory. As the police start rounding everyone up, a man grabs an arm and begs for their help, claiming to be a Zhodani illegal immigrant who has been hiding out here. He wants the party to get him away from the police and to the Imperial embassy so that he can defect, since hiding is no longer safe.

  1. He is a prole with no useful information, and will be thrown back to the police (who will be angry with the party for helping him).
  2. He is an ex-commando esper with important information - about the Imperium. He hopes to blackmail the authorities into accepting his defection.
  3. He is a noble with important military information about current troop strengths.
  4. As 3, but he is a war criminal who will attempt to kill the party as soon as they get him away from the police.
  5. As 3 or 4, but Tozjabr intelligence operatives are hot on his trail and organised the riot to flush him out.
  6. He is really a Roupan, a known riot organiser who can't afford to be caught.