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Freelance Traveller Contest 2008-05: Handle With Care

The Challenge: Describe a hazardous cargo. Give details about the cargo and the nature of the hazard. Include any special precautions that should be taken in packing, handling, and/or stowing the cargo.  The cargo should be too large to be stowable in Purser's safe or a Ship's Locker, but no larger than 3 displacement tons (although it may have an awkward form factor making it difficult or impossible to ship via a Type S Scout/Courier). Optionally, an entry may include information about the shipper, the legality of the cargo, and adventure seed material in the form of scenarios involving dealing with the hazard.

Participants in any established Traveller forum are eligible to participate in this contest. Winning entries will be posted to Freelance Traveller, and the author(s) of the winning entries will have the option of establishing the basic criteria for the next contest.

The winner of this contest was Ice Lily, by Martin Carter.

This contest was open to participants in all Traveller forums.