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Freelance Traveller Contest 2008-04: Armed and Dangerous

The Challenge: Design and (more importantly) describe a personal weapon that would be considered in Classic Traveller to be a Pistol, a Revolver, an Autopistol, a Snub Pistol, or a Body Pistol. Please note that we are specifically excluding those weapons which require large or bulky power packs (such as laser, gauss, plasma, and fusion weapons); the desired weapons are those which can be carried reasonably unobtrusively.

Technical data should be presented clearly, and include data on various types of ammunition that may be available for the weapon, in a format that will allow the referee to apply any relevant formulas to it to determine how it will 'play' in a campaign.

Descriptions (being the most important part of the entry) should be "rich", and may include physical descriptions, history, quirks of the design (rather than of specific weapons of the design), or any other information that would make the entry more interesting.

The winner of this contest was the Light Duty Line-Throwing Tool, by Les DeGroff.

This contest was open to participants in all Traveller forums.