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Freelance Traveller Contest 2008-02: Jump Destination

The Challenge: In this contest, entrants will be supplied with a Universal World Profile that is to be interpreted according to the Classic and Mega-Traveller definitions. From that UWP, come up with a name and description of a world consistent with the UWP (but see the next paragraph). The world may be placed in any setting, but should not be dependent on a specific location (i.e., "One jump away from a subsector capital, in a frontier region, at a confluence of trade routes" is OK; try to avoid "Located in Regina Subsector, at hex ..."). Provide sufficient detail to make the world interesting enough to use in an adventure or ongoing campaign; an optional adventure seed would be welcome.

You may, if you feel it will make your end result better, consider any ONE of Population (including the population multiplier), Government, Law Level, or Tech Level to be incorrect; your entry in such a case should so indicate, provide the CORRECTED UWP, and explain the error in a plausible manner.

Entries were to be based on the UWP: A6369A5-D 304

This contest was open to members of the SJGames JTAS and Pyramid (paid) forums, and the Traveller Mailing List

The winning entries were Nika, by Jonathan Broederlow, and Zeimbo, by Leslie DeGroff.