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Timothy Collinson

Unable to visit the vast realms of the Third Imperium and surrounds except in his imagination, tc has made up for it by travelling round over 30 countries of the world on every continent but Antarctica. He finally settled down and now attempts to help his wife raise two delightful daughters.

A Traveller enthusiast since 1980, Timothy is the author of The Traveller Bibliography published by BITS in 1997. Unusually (?) he embraces all four eras of Traveller, though his first love, the classic material, probably just comes out as favorite. He is avid reader of the Traveller Mailing List and has even been known to submit an entry in the THUDDD competition.

His most cherished Traveller book is World Builder’s Handbook. He’d like to be gearhead and manage a Fire, Fusion & Steel design one day, but life’s too short.