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Scott Diamond

Scott Diamond began playing Traveller in 1977 with a homebrew ATU that has been providing adventure and two-fisted space opera in the Terran Empire more or less continuously ever since. Though sometimes distracted by assorted RPG systems over the years, he always comes to his senses and returns to tinkering with and expanding his Classic Traveller game. Formerly a deputy in the Pacific NW, Scott has three daughters; the youngest, Sarah, collaborates with him to create and illustrate unique and detailed alien wildlife for Traveller. The tales of Sarah’s scout character, Lady Victoria Challenger will someday be compiled in a book - but it could be a while since it competes for attention with building scale model aircraft for competition and commission, racing R/C sailing yachts, target shooting, and writing and illustrating a compendium of alien wildlife for CT/MT/T5 Traveller with Sarah.