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Robert Range

Robert “Olegamer” Range 4657C7-0 7 terms Army NCO (Ret.) Age 50

Admin-1, Brawling-1, Combat Rifleman-1, Computer-0, Demolitions-0, Forward Observer-1, Instruction-3, Leader-1, Navigation-1, Wheeled Vehicle-1, Tracked Vehicle-1

Robert enlisted in the national wet navy of the largest economic power of his balkanized home planet when he was 18 years of age. He served in wet navy for one term then transferred to the regular army after a short unsuccessful attempt at attending college in his home town. In the army he was assigned to the infantry branch where he served for sixteen years in noncommissioned officer positions ranging from team and squad leader to platoon sergeant, and in the battalion battle staff (S-2/3). Following his retirement from the army Robert once again attended college, this time earning both a bachelor of science and masters’ degree in Education Arts.

Robert’s first roleplaying game was Traveller which he discovered in 1977 while on shore leave from his submarine in Charlestown, South Carolina. He took the three LBBs back to his ship and has been playing Traveller in various versions ever since. He refereed the Classic Traveller game exclusively from 1977 through 1989 in various locations during his military career including Germany and isolated duty stations in Louisiana (Poke) and Kentucky (Campbell). In the 1990s he took MegaTraveller with him for a second tour of duty in Germany. Since his retirement he has dabbled in the use of Marc Miller’s Traveller, GURPS Traveller, and Traveller T20.

Robert is now an elementary school teacher servicing military families at Fort Knox, Kentucky. He is the proud father of three sons, from his marriage of 18+ years to a South Korean woman who he sometimes suspects of being Zhodani.

Robert’s last unfulfilled fantasy is to write a Traveller-based science fiction novel.