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Michael Bailey

Mick Bailey
UPP: 767995-0
Homeworld: Terra (Solomani Rim/1827 B869975-8)
Perth, Western Australia (Commonwealth of Australia)
Age: 28 (2 terms)
Skills: Admin-1, Communications-2, Computer-2, Carousing-3, Ground Car-1, Sensor-1, Streetwise-2

Michael Bailey has been an avid roleplayer since 1983, and Traveller player and DM from 1985. Currently employed by AirServices Australia (the commonwealth’s Air Traffic Control authority). Other interests include football, Guinness and British Comedy (esp. Men Behaving Badly).

Sometimes considered to be of questionable taste, Michael continues to live life according to his twin creeds of: “if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing to excess” and “give me a moment.....and I’ll lower it”

His parents still wonder when he’ll find a nice girl and settle down.

http://www.iinet.net.au/~mickb (This link appears to be defunct. Corrected info appreciated)