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Benedikt Schwarz

Human (Solomani) male Other, 6 terms
UPP 948 9B5-0

Computer-0, Admin-0, Driver/wheeled-0, Driver/tracked-0, Communications-1, Survival-0, Machinegun-0, Autorifle-1, Small unit tactics-0, Leadership-1, Art/illustration-1, Art/dance-2, Medic-0, Cutlass-3, Melee/unarmed-2, Science/history-0, Science/linguistics-2, Instruction-1

After a two-term stint in the joint 1st German-Dutch corps (Signal / flight liaison), Benedikt attended university, where he majored in Japanology and linguistics. There followed a few years of rotting in an office job. Just as he felt he was turning into mulch, he quit and founded a dance studio together with his girlfriend. He now works full-time as a pole dance, martial arts and fencing trainer and has never been happier.

Benedikt first took up role-playing in the military, with a mixed-language Dutch-German-English Classic Traveller group. While his interest has since branched out into several other RPGs, miniatures wargames and LARP, Traveller remains his firm favourite on the tabletop.